If You Haven't Experienced a Raindrop or Don't Even Know What One Is - Okie Oiler
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If You Haven’t Experienced a Raindrop or Don’t Even Know What One Is

If You Haven’t Experienced a Raindrop or Don’t Even Know What One Is

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My journey from an accidental pesticide poisoning led me to discover Young Living Essential Oils and their therapeutic benefits almost 8 years ago. Read about my personal testimony in another post here on my Okie Oiler website.

The nerve damage and electrical shocks up and down my legs and running out my feet are what motivated me to not only receive Raindrops for my recovery but to travel to Branson for Raindrop training with Dr. David Stewart, author of Healing Oils of the Bible and Chemistry Made Simple: God’s Love Manifest in Molecules. I have been a certified, licensed Raindrop Technician Specialist for several years now– helping others the way God helped me. (Read my previous post and join us at my presentation @ Silver Arrow on Thursday, May 8, when I share how people used essential oils commonly in Bible times.)

Raindrop was originally developed to correct scoliosis by Gary Young, ND, CEO and founder of Young Living Essential Oils. Gary himself once had paraplegia, who is “walking proof” that his special distillation process of these precious oils have therapeutic, healing properties– and his research of over 40 years is now revolutionary. He bought his first farm to produce lavender 20 years ago and now has 8 farms and distilleries worldwide.


You can link to Young Living from my website or go to youngliving.com and use my member number (#911874) if you are interested in placing an order.
If you choose, you can create your own account and purchase wholesale as I do.