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January Promotions

January Promotions

January promotion with Young Living includes a 15 ml bottle of Lavender and a 5 ml of Idaho Balsam Fir. Here is the description that Young Living gives for both these great oils:

Lavender: Lavender is our most popular and versatile essential oil. Loved for centuries for its soothing, floral aroma and skin-nourishing qualities, Lavender can be diffused to encourage tranquility and restful sleep, added to bathwater for relaxation, or worn as a fragrance to instill tranquility.*

Idaho Balsam Fir: Distilled from the needles of balsam fir trees grown on our Idaho farms, Idaho Balsam Fir’s aroma is uplifting and rejuvenating for body and mind. Dilute and use in post-workout massage, or diffuse to invigorate the mind and senses.

Click on “how to order” on this Okie Oiler website and find out how you can get these two special promotions during the month of January.