“I’ve got an oil for that!”

About Me, Jan!

I am Jan Collins from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and I began my journey with Young Living in 2006 after hearing how a “small packet of Ningxia Red” wolfberry juice helped my friend. As a former teacher, I naturally wanted to share my knowledge with others. I became licensed and certified as a Raindrop Technician Specialist and Aromatherapist.


What I Do

I have used Young Living Essential Oils for almost 16 years. I have an interest and desire to see others have optimal health to live a better quality of life. I enjoy holding natural wellness workshops and sharing the tremendous benefits of Young Living’s products, from cosmetic benefits for the appearance of softer skin to dietary supplements.

Jan’s Blog

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Two questions that are frequently asked

I like using oils, but what’s the difference between a Brand Partner and a Customer?

Do I have to hold shows or sell?

Absolutely not! A Brand Partner can buy at the wholesale price. A customer pays retail. Like a membership enrollment such as Sam’s or Costco, Young Living allows us to purchase products at a 24% savings with only ONE enrollment fee, as long as each of us purchases a minimum of 50 PV a year, a minimal obligation. However, once we experience using Young Living, from essential oils, nutritional products, and cleaning supplies, most of us use YL regularly in our homes.


A Young Living Brand Partner never has to “sell oils” to tell their friends, family, and others. When we find something that works for us, we can’t help but share this valuable information with others. People are encouraged to take responsibility for their health, so when they join Young Living, they can create an account and order YL products whenever they want to. However, once a person uses YL oils, they quickly have a testimony or a “story to share.” Most YL members quickly know how experiencing better health can change their lives. Plus, when they discover that they can generate some income while helping others, everyone benefits! Therefore, most YL members use oils consistently and enjoy ordering monthly.

I’m allergic to pine pollen! Can I use Pine essential oil?

“Pure therapeutic grade essential oils are free from allergens. With few exceptions, allergens are proteins or polypeptides, both of which are composed of amino acids. All organisms, living or dead, are built from proteins or polypeptides. Essential Oils, however, contain no proteins, polypeptides, or amino acids and, thus, contain no potential allergens. In fact, one can be allergic to a particular plant, like fennel, geranium, or goldenrod, but have no allergy to the essential oil distilled from that plant since the volatile oil contains none of the plant proteins or amino acids that are the source of allergic reactions to the plant. An oil pressed from seeds (vegetable oils) or cold expressed from rinds (citrus oils) can be allergenic. Unlike distilled essential oils, pressed and expressed oils can contain traces of proteins and polypeptides.”


– Dr. David StewartThe Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple: God’s Love Manifest in Molecules

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I’ve got an oil for that!