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My Journey began with a packet of Ningxia Red.


I am Jan Collins from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and I began my journey with Young Living in 2006 after hearing how a “small packet of Ningxia Red” wolfberry juice helped my friend, Karen Hopkins, to feel alert throughout a 10-hour drive by car. She felt it helped her immune system as well. Along with that testimony was one about how two ladies went to a hospital and prayed for a lady. They anointed her feet with Young Living Essential Oils and prayed. I was impressed to see people use oils in conjunction with prayer as they did in Bible days.


Two years earlier, I had experienced a 6-day hospital stay. The pharmaceuticals that were prescribed to me had harsh side effects that were harmful to my liver. So I chose to avoid them and search for something natural.


I experienced restfulness and relaxation following my first Raindrop Technique from my friend, Karen, during which she massaged essential oils onto my back and feet. I felt it was pretty supportive of my nervous system. Since then, I have continued to use Young Living Essential Oils for almost ten years, receiving Raindrops as often as possible. I had an interest and desire to see others have optimal health to live a better quality of life. I attended training as quickly as a C.A.R.E. Raindrop Intensive class became available to learn more about it.


As a former teacher, I naturally wanted to share my knowledge with others. I became licensed and certified as a Raindrop Technician Specialist and Aromatherapist. I enjoy holding natural wellness workshops and sharing the tremendous benefits of Young Living’s products, from cosmetic benefits for the appearance of softer skin to dietary supplements. Young Living Essential Oils leads as the World Premier essential oil company, with our unique Seed to Seal process.


I have continued to praise God and will always appreciate the love and concern from Max and Karen Hopkins and my daughter, Laura Hopkins, for introducing me to Young Living. My husband, Ken, and daughter Mollie Moses have also experienced optimal health from Young Living products. Along with the Raindrop Kit, I have several favorite oils. I enjoy Sulfurzyme as a dietary supplement. The Feelings Kit and other “emotional oils” can often benefit the Endocrine System.

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