Forever Grateful

Forever Grateful

Today, January 16, 2016, marks 12 years ago—the day my body stopped functioning, and I was admitted into the hospital, remaining there for the next six days—while MRIs, CT Scans, etc., were run, yet left the hospital with no certain diagnosis. I was told by a neurologist at a follow-up appointment that I had suffered irreversible nerve damage.

That first night in the hospital, I had my CD player on continuous praise music. During the night, the Lord awakened me to say: “The Lord HIMSELF is fighting for you, so hold your peace.” From that point on, I knew I would be okay. Later I looked up the scripture and found it in Exodus 14:14.

Although no one could give me answers, some time later, God revealed to me that my body had been affected by pesticide poisoning while landscaping 6 months earlier.

I searched for natural remedies that could hopefully restore nerve function with no harsh side effects. During this journey, the Lord reminded me that “His grace is sufficient for me.” As I put my total faith and trust in Him, God has truly healed me.

Today I am thankful to God for restoring and reversing nerve damage in my bladder, legs, and feet and will be FOREVER GRATEFUL to Him. I am also grateful to my husband Kenny and my daughters, Laura Collins Hopkins and Mollie Moses, for supporting me through this journey every step of the way!

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