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Coming Soon! New Savvy Minerals Starter Kit

Coming Soon! New Savvy Minerals Starter Kit

Women No Longer Have to Compromise their Confidence in their Skincare & Beauty Products

Beginning in February, when new members join Young Living, they will have a brand new choice in starter kits. The NEW Savvy Minerals Starter Kit will be introduced as a new option. Skin Care and Beauty/makeup products are very important to the savvy women of today. Now, women do not have to ‘Compromise their Confidence’ in what they put on their skin.

If you can’t wait until February and would like to join Young Living NOW, and experience our amazing essential oils, go to our website:

  1. Click “become and member” at the top of the page.
  2. Use my member number as Enroller and Sponsor: #911874
  3. Choose the PSK (Premium Starter Kit) and get ten oils for everyday use PLUS a diffuser– over $300 worth of products for only $160.00
  4. Or contact me, and I will help you through the process: